Here’s what you missed at the April 2018 LMS HASA meeting

The Leonia Middle School Home and School Association board met on April 30, 2018. Here’s what we discussed.

Finances: Treasurer Eva Louro Calderaro reports that LMS HASA currently has a healthy $8,500 or so in the bank. She will create a 2018–2019 budget for the next meeting.

Security: All three schools in the Leonia district conducted security walk-throughs with the Department of Homeland Security, the prosecutor’s office, the Department of Education and the Leonia Police Department in April. Principal David Saco reports that LMS received helpful guidance on improving security measures. These include better sight lines for cameras; an updated speaker for the intercom; an updated procedure for entering and going to the main office; hiring Class 3 officers; and securing doors.  The safety and security committees from all three schools plan to meet and discuss next steps.

Graduation: LMS graduation is June 22, to be held at Leonia High School, starting at 5:30 p.m. That date is also “moving up day,” when those eighth graders advancing to LHS spend the day there. Edgewater students will take the LHS bus that morning. Students not attending LHS must attend LMS. Principal Saco will send information on this shortly.

Teacher and Staff Luncheon: The luncheon is planned for May 17. Contributions of food and money are needed. Board President Vicky Beall confirmed we are able to accept money via the LMS HASA Paypal account; an eblast will be sent advertising this.

Elections: Elections for LMS HASA 2018–2019 will be held June 7 at 7 p.m. Many seats are open and nominations are encouraged.

Edgewater and Leonia Under the Sea Gala: Chair Laurie Molina reports the gala was a great success, raising about $30,000 for Edgewater and Leonia schools. This year, for the first time, Leonia parents made up the majority of attendees.

Scholastic Book Fair: Sales edged up 7% from last year. The new location in room B12 provided far more space. Chair Teresa Rex urged better marketing next year for electronic payment options.

International Potluck: The potluck, organized by Suzie Park and Hyemi Park, proved successful despite initial difficulty in securing food contributions. To improve participation next year, a suggestion was made to change the theme of the fall event from another international potluck to a pasta and dessert night.

Career Night: With the event moving to LHS, chair Nancy Ortiz reports Principal Bertolini appeared to be adding an emphasis on the academies. Members discussed ways to keep LMS involved, and to continue using the event as a way to expose students to a variety of careers.